“To see members ‘centred on Christ’, building one another up and reaching out with the Gospel.”


We are united in our conviction that God became one of us in the person of Jesus Christ.

He died in our place and rose again to bring us forgiveness and new life.

  • Jesus Christ is the full expression of God – he is one with the Father and the Holy Spirit, the Triune God.
  • He is the King, sent by the Father to overthrow Satan’s rebellion and his impact on the world. The pivotal action of this overthrow was through Christ’s death on the Cross, where he defeated Satan.
  • He was truly man, he really died, he has risen again and ascended to the Father.
  • His payment for the sins of the world is the only payment that the Father recognises, to justify anyone who wishes to enter his Kingdom.
  • Anyone who wishes to enter the Kingdom of God must believe in the salvation Jesus achieved on the Cross and trust him to rule their life. There is no other name than Jesus by which we can be saved.
  • Faith in Jesus is demonstrated in obedience to his Word.
  • The Bible, written by prophets and apostles, inspired by the Holy Spirit, is the only authoritative source of God’s voice.
  • As the message of the Bible is proclaimed in the Gospel and taught in the congregation, the Spirit opens the ears and hearts of true seekers to have fellowship with their God, through Jesus Christ.
  • Consequently we believe the Bible should be the basis of our gathering as Christians, available in the contemporary language of the community (we use the NIV).
  • The congregation is formed by people responding to the call of Christ in faith and repentance, and waiting for the consummation of Satan’s overthrow of worldly rebellion.
  • The congregation is Christ’s body and will demonstrate in its love for one another Christ’s love for the lost. Its core values are faith, hope and love.
  • When the congregation gathers together we have to remove practices that have lost their significance and focus on the whole Word of God, systematically expounded, and reflected through our prayers and music.


To reach those outside of Christ’s love
To learn together about Christ
To meet as his body
To equip one another for service
To care for one another
To serve effectively according to our gifts