Sunday 17th September

8.45 am Mt Victoria Morning Service Tim McIver
 10.30 am Blackheath Morning Service Tim Mcive

1st Reading: Nehemiah 12
 2nd Reading:

Prayer leaders
St Peter’s: Jane Falcke
St Aidan’s: Susie Easton

Rector’s Weekly News Article

Pastoral Care

Good morning and welcome to Church. It’s great to have you here especially if you’re new or visiting. We’d love to meet you after church over a cup of tea.

At St Peter’s committee meeting this week there was a healthy discussion on the topic of pastoral care. This week I want to write of a few thoughts on pastoral care around our parish and how we can seek to love one another well.

‘Pastoral Care’ can end up sounding like a somewhat abstract concept that exists within the policies and staffing of a Church. When I talk about pastoral care here, I’m simply talking about the way we as a Church family care for one another. This is one of our primary responsibilities as Christian brothers and sisters.

We are a Parish of four churches who have many similarities, common members and overlap but which also operate quite independently. My observation of our 4 Churches is that each do a very good at loving and caring for one another. That is no reason however not to think about how we can do better and particularly how we can make sure that people don’t fall between the cracks. We want to be a community (or 4 communities) that are always looking to welcome outsiders in and that look after our own well.

Depending on the size of a Church there are different models of how to ensure that people are looked after well. In small Churches like ours much of the pastoral care should be able to happen in a relatively organic way. There’s a real possibility that each of us can get to know the majority, if not all of the other members of our congregations. Ideally that will mean that we know when someone is struggling. This is particularly possible where people are part of a bible study or a growth group outside of the regular Sunday Service. Though it’s good to share a bit of your life over a cup of tea after the service, meeting regularly with a smaller number gives a much greater opportunity to develop relationships. I do understand however that being a member of one of these groups is not always possible, with small things like full time work and family commitments really complicating life! It’s also worth remembering that different personalities share different amounts at different times. In summary, if you can join a small group, it is a great way to care for and be cared for.

As the pastor, it is one of my primary responsibilities to love and care for everyone in our Churches. Some would say that the rector’s responsibility is to organise and co-ordinate pastoral care. Again, different sizes of Churches demand different approaches. I am however firmly of the belief that in a Parish our size the rector should not be too busy to be actively involved with caring for people.

To the end I want to remind everyone that I am willing and available to drink tea with you and pray with you in difficult times and in joyous ones. Sometimes I will be intuitive enough to know that you need a call, and many other times I’ll fall short in that area. Please understand that I will never be offended if someone calls me to let me know that there’s someone in need who might appreciate a visit. Please also feel free to invite me round for a cup of tea if you would appreciate a chat. It is my goal to stay busy, but never to be too busy to be able to spend time with you all. That’s one of the very things I like to be busy with.

Would you like a CD of any sermon you may have missed or want to hear again? Contact Geoff Brimley.

CMS Summer School – leaflets including application forms are now at the back of each church. Summer School is on from 6th -12th January, 2018 at Katoomba.

BCA Boxes – September is opening time – bring yours to church next week and hand in to Judith Finney at St Aidan’s or Carol Crowther at St Peter’s.

A Date for your Diary – Sarah will be with us for the week starting Sunday 5th November until Friday 10th November. Sarah’s latest newsletter is at the back of the church, feel free to take one.

A Women’s Event with guest speaker Nerida Cuddy will take place in St Aidan’s hall on Saturday 14th October 2pm – 4.30pm. Nerida’s theme will be “Living in the midst of the mess – how faith can interact with grief, suffering & everyday chaos.

St Peter’s Committee is planning a Spring Fair to be held on Saturday 21st October – 9am -3pm. Stalls will include – BBQ, Tea/Coffee/Cordial, Bookstall, Cakes & Jams, Face Painting, Jumping Castle, Plants, Church open & a Choir presentation and White Elephant Stall. Also music from Lithgow Pipe Band during the day. If you have any saleable items could you kindly set them aside for collection closer to the date. Unsold items will be collected by the Salvation Army but they will not take large furniture, electrical items or stuffed toys. Enquiries – Margaret Gough – 0414 980 398, or Carol Crowther – 47878261.


* Prayer meeting at St Peter’s each Sunday at 8am
* Teens Bible Study Group meet during school term every Sunday during the service at St Aidan’s Blackheath.
* 1st Sunday of month 9.30am  Prayer Meeting at St Aidan’s
* 3rd Saturday of month 8.30am Prayer Meeting at St Aidan’s
* Tuesday  Playcentre St Aidan’s –  10am
* Thursday
Kids’ Club St Peter’s Hall 3.15-4.30pm
* Friday
Imprint Youth   (High School age group)   St Aidan’s Hall 7pm-9pm
* St Peter’s Church Committee meets second Thursday of each month 4.30pm in the hall.
* St Aidan’s Church Committee meets fourth Thursday each month 3pm
* 1st Tuesday
of each month – Women’s Business 7.30pm St Peter’s Hall Mt Victoria
* Men’s Coffee Morning 1st and 3rd Friday at 10am Check News sheet for venue
* Care and Share 2nd Friday of each month at 10.30am
* Growth groups meet weekly in Blackheath, Mt Victoria and Hartley.  Further details under Ministry/Growth Groups

Monthly Parish Target for 2017 $14, 179.00
Received in August
Additional missionary giving

 Sunday 24th September
Bible Readings
1st Reading: Nehemiah 13
 2nd Reading:
Prayer Leaders
St Peter’s:
St Aidan’s: Brian Connon


Colossians 4:3 “Pray for us, that God will open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ”

#Pray for Sarah in the Middle East. Pray for Sarah as she farewells those she is involved with, both refugees and fellow workers. Pray for Sarah’s health as she heads back to Australia.
# Pray for Phil & Jenny Davis. Pray that INF will remain strong in Christian witness. Pray for the government in Nepal as they make decisions about people who share their faith and for the consequences of that.
# Pray for Phillip & Elke Knight, for Annabella and Lilly. Give thanks for the close connection with the Seafarers Centre, pray for all the staff, especially Derek McArtney in the role of Senior Chaplain. Give thanks for faithful church members who work alongside Philip & Elke in the ministry in Port Hedland.
# Pray for Mark Muss in the very demanding ministry he has at Lithgow Correctional Centre, Pray for Mark’s health and wellbeing and that he will feel the Holy Spirit’s uplifting power as he copes with all that this position requires of him. Pray for all chaplains in both prison and hospital situations, pray for good health, strength and commitment. # 

 Mission more locally
Pray for Archbishop Glenn Davies leading us all in the way of the Lord.
* Pray especially for Bishop Ivan Lee at this time, pray for strength in mind, body and spirit.
* Pray too for Tim McIver, Jodie and their children in their ministry in our parish
* Pray for Michelle Seers making Jesus known in her various roles

Our Church Family
 # Pray that the joy of Christ would remain prominent in the hearts of those now in aged care facilities – Shirley McDonald, Irene Komcincko, Mary Broome and John Aitkens. Pray for Warwick & Sue Atkinson as they deal with health issues. Pray for Ross Fragar in Rehab in Katoomba Hospital and for Liz Fragar as she recovers from recent back surgery. Pray for Judith Finney and her family as they mourn the loss of Bob. Pray also for Alyson Tyler and her family as they mourn the loss of Alyson’s father. Pray also for Ken Crossman at last recovering from a long bout of the flu.
# Pray that our Growth Groups, Care and Share’s ministry, the Men’s Coffee morning, the monthly Women’s Business Group and the monthly morning tea at Hartley, as we reach out to others in the community.

Our Sunday Ministry
  Pray for Tim as he brings us God’s Word that by the Holy Spirit, the Word will challenge and change us.
  Pray for all who visit any services that they will feel welcome and seek to learn more
  Pray for all who enrich our worship through song, Bible reading, prayers, provision of morning and afternoon teas, supper and the welcoming of the newcomer.

Our Committees and Parish Council
  Pray that our meetings will see us thanking the Lord for guidance, growth and provision.

Our Children’s and Youth Ministries
*  Pray for School Scripture lessons and for the changes that are being introduced into our schools. Pray for the children this week s they come to Scripture and that they will  know that our Heavenly Father loves them. Pray too that those young lives will be formed in Christ. Give thanks for all the scripture teachers and pray for them as they teach scripture.
# Pray for the Playcentre as young families make contact with the gospel. Thank God for those who lead the Playcentre at St Aidan’s.  # Pray for Kids Clubs in Mt Victoria and Bloackheath, and Imprint Youth group as the leaders seek to bring Jesus as Saviour and Lord to children and young people.

The World
 #   Pray for the Lord’s mercy in the provision of peace in the midst of the pain and suffering of war, the peace that only faith in Jesus can bring. Pray that our governments in Australia will choose to lead us in Christ honouring ways.

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