Sunday 20th May
8.45 am Mt Victoria Morning Servicer Tim McIver
 10.30 am Blackheath The Lord’s Supper Tim McIver

1st Reading: Ruth 2
 2nd Reading: James 4:1-12

Prayer leaders
St Peter’s: Arthur Irving
St Aidan’s: Susie Easton

Rector’s Weekly News Article


This afternoon the Upper Mountains Combined Churches will hold a Pentecost service at Mountains Christian College for everyone in the Upper Mountains who calls Jesus their Lord (and everyone else is welcome too!). There are several purposes to this once a year Church service (gathering of Christians).

Firstly, in Hebrews 10 we are told very clearly that whatever we do, we must not stop meeting together. Church is not optional. What it should and can look like for Christians to continue gathering is a bit more complicated. The first gatherings of ‘the Church’ occurred during the amazing events of Pentecost, where God sent His Holy Spirit upon Jesus’ followers that He might continue Jesus’ work. As the Holy Spirit arrived, all the believers were in one place, a gathering of all of the Church! Before too long, people returned to their home towns and countries and continued meeting regularly. They met in houses or wherever they could. These smaller meetings of Christians was the best way people could continue meeting together.

Today, there are innumerable small church gathers, and quite a few big ones. But it is practically impossible for us all to meet together in one place (though the Lord does have big plans in this area...). Despite the impossibility of all meeting in one place, it’s good for us to get out of our small gatherings from time to time and be reminded of the larger whole, which is Jesus’ one true church. This Upper Mountains gathering is meant to be a reminder to each of us that we are part of something much bigger.

Secondly, we want the wider communities to see that all the churches are truly on the same team. We love each other and want to see Jesus glorified in all of our churches. We are unified because we are one. We don’t need to work towards unity; we just need to make sure we lovingly express a unity that comes from our God.

Finally, on a practical level. It’s just good for us to meet Christians from other churches and celebrate the gospel with them. We all have different styles of church service and ways of worshipping God, but we’ve all been forgiven in the same way, welcomed into the family of God in the same way and we will enjoy eternity together. Our Pentecost service might not quite live up to heavenly standards, but I hope it will be a great joy and an encouragement to all of you.

Yours in Christ, Tim


Although it seemed as though it was Summer a couple of weeks ago, suddenly it seems a lot like winter. Snow has been trying to fall in Blackheath and going outside had become less than appealing. This week I won’t write about one subject but will address a few significant things going on around the Parish.

You may by now have heard the very sad news that Libby Raines died on Thursday. She had been undergoing treatment for cancer for some time but the end did come much more suddenly than any of us had expected. Libby has been a much valued member of the St Georges congregation for many years. She has also been its greatest servant. In recent times she has been my rector’s warden, as well as the treasurer, as well as the graveyard manager, the egg sandwich maker, gardener, florist, not to mention anything else that needed doing. Libby will be greatly missed by the St Georges congregation as well as the rest of the parish and all who met her. In our sadness it is important to remember that as we enter Winter, she is being warmly welcomed into the presence of her God. (A God who knows a thing or two about gardens and hospitality!)

The arrival of winter is also a reminder of how generous God has been in His provision to us, and is a good opportunity to remember those who do not have a warm place to lay their heads. The problem of homelessness is one that does not discriminate. We know that there are many people living rough in our own local area as well the millions around the world who have been displaced through war and conflict. There are many positive initiatives to help people in both of these groups. Some started by Christians and others by concerned community groups.

The Catholic Parish of Blackheath is hosting a ‘Community Conversation with Refugees’ next Sunday. Their goal is to bring people together to discuss and engage with the refugee issue. They have invited a refugee and an asylum seeker as well as an expert in the field to answer questions and be a catalyst for discussion. I would encourage anyone from our churches who is interested to attend. Whilst there is good reason for there being different churches with different views on important issues, there is also good reason for us to work together on issues that we agree on. Caring for those in need should not be controversial within the church.

Yours in Christ, Tim

Care & Share Support – if you or someone you know needs this service at any time please contact Judy Dyer, Judith Finney or Carol in the church office.

A community Conversation with Refugees and people seeking protection will be held on Sunday 20th May, 2-4.30pm in Blackheath Community Hall – see pamphlet

The Combined Upper Mountains Churches invite you to Pentecost 2018, a service to celebrate Pentecost – 14 churches – 1 Lord, to be held at Mountains Christian College in Blackheath on Sunday 20th May at 3pm. Primary age kids program available on the day.


* Prayer meeting at St Peter’s each Sunday at 8am
* Teens Bible Study Group meet during school term every Sunday during the service at St Aidan’s Blackheath.
* 1st Sunday of month 9.30am  Prayer Meeting at St Aidan’s
* 3rd Saturday of month 8.30am Prayer Meeting at St Aidan’s
* Tuesday  Playcentre St Aidan’s –  10am
* Thursday
Kids’ Club St Peter’s Hall 3.15-4.30pm
* Friday
Imprint Youth   (High School age group)   St Aidan’s Hall 7pm-9pm
* St Peter’s Church Committee meets second Thursday of each month 4.30pm in the hall.
* St Aidan’s Church Committee meets fourth Thursday each month 3pm
* 1st Tuesday
of each month – Women’s Business 7.30pm St Peter’s Hall Mt Victoria
* Men’s Coffee Morning 1st and 3rd Friday at 10am Check News sheet for venue
* Care and Share 2nd Friday of each month at 10.30am
* Growth groups meet weekly in Blackheath, Mt Victoria and Hartley.  Further details under Ministry/Growth Groups

     Sunday 27th May
    Bible Readings
    1st Reading: Ruth 3
     2nd Reading: James 4:13-17
    Prayer Leaders
    St Peter’s: Tim McIver
    St Aidan’s: Brian Connon


Colossians 4:3 “Pray for us, that God will open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ”

#Pray for S in the Middle East. Pray for her safety and pray also for the many refugees she has contact with that there will be many opportunities to read with them and to talk about the love of God and of His Son Jesus Christ.
# Pray for Phil & Jenny Davis. Pray that INF will remain strong in Christian witness. Pray for the government in Nepal as they make decisions about people who share their faith and for the consequences of that.
# Pray for Phillip & Elke Knight, for Annabella and Lilly. Give thanks for the close connection with the Seafarers Centre, pray for all the staff, especially Derek McArtney in the role of Senior Chaplain. Give thanks for faithful church members who work alongside Philip & Elke in the ministry in Port Hedland.
# Pray for Mark Muss in the very demanding ministry he has at Lithgow Correctional Centre, Pray for Mark’s health and wellbeing and that he will feel the Holy Spirit’s uplifting power as he copes with all that this position requires of him. Pray for all chaplains in both prison and hospital situations, pray for good health, strength and commitment.

 Mission more locally
Pray for Archbishop Glenn Davies leading us all in the way of the Lord.
* Pray for Bishop Ivan Lee, pray for strength in mind, body and spirit.
* Pray too for Tim McIver, Jodie and their children in their ministry in our parish
* Pray for Michelle Seers making Jesus known in her various roles

Our Church Family
 # Pray that the joy of Christ would remain prominent in the hearts of those now in aged care facilities – Shirley McDonald, Irene Komcincko, Mary Broome and John Aitkens. Pray for Warwick & Sue Atkinson as they deal with health issues,
also Dagma & Hugh Rees and Sue Groves as they all deal with health issues.  Libby Raines from Mt Wilson passed away last week, please pray for her husband Keith and for her family and for her church family, all who knew her will keenly feel her loss. Pray for Jill Simon who has been unwell and for her husband Ron as he cares for her.
# Pray that our Growth Groups, Care and Share’s ministry, the Men’s Coffee morning, the Ladies’ Coffee morning, the monthly Women’s Business Group and the monthly morning tea at Hartley, as we reach out to others in the community.

Our Sunday Ministry
  Pray for Tim as he brings us God’s Word that by the Holy Spirit, the Word will challenge and change us.
  Pray for all who visit any services that they will feel welcome and seek to learn more
  Pray for all who enrich our worship through song, Bible reading, prayers, provision of morning and afternoon teas, supper and the welcoming of the newcomer.

Our Committees and Parish Council
  Pray that our meetings will see us thanking the Lord for guidance, growth and provision.

Our Children’s and Youth Ministries
*  Pray for School Scripture lessons and for the changes that are being introduced into our schools. Pray for the children as they come to Scripture and that they will  know that our Heavenly Father loves them. Pray too that those young lives will be formed in Christ. Give thanks for all the scripture teachers and pray for them as they teach scripture.
# Pray for the Playcentre as young families make contact with the gospel. Thank God for those who lead the Playcentre at St Aidan’s.  # Pray for Kids Clubs in Mt Victoria and Bloackheath, and Imprint Youth group as the leaders seek to bring Jesus as Saviour and Lord to children and young people.

The World
 #   Pray for the Lord’s mercy in the provision of peace in the midst of the pain and suffering of war, the peace that only faith in Jesus can bring. Pray that our governments in Australia will choose to lead us in Christ honouring ways.

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