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Sunday 17 March 2019
8.45 am  Mt Victoria Morning Service  Tim McIver
 10.30 am  Blackheath Morning Service  Tim McIver

1st Reading:   Zechariah 12:1-14
 2nd Reading: 1 Matthew 27:45-54

Prayer leaders
St Peter’s:
Jane Falckee
St Aidan’s:
Brian Connon

Rector’s Weekly News Article

17 March 2019

State Election 

Good morning and welcome to Church. It’s great to have you here especially if you’re new or visiting. We’d love to meet you after church over a cup of tea. 

 This coming Saturday we will all be heading to the polls to vote in the State Election. A few short months later we will head back to cast our ballots at a Federal level.
 I know that around the Parish we have people attending church from a great variety of  political allegiances or affiliations and then a greater number of people who are not always sure who it’s best to vote for. 
Wherever you stand on the political spectrum, as an Australian you stand in a privileged position. The right to vote and decide how our society and nation should be run is a responsibility that should not be understated or taken for granted. Throughout the scriptures God’s people exist under various forms of government. Whilst the theocracy (that’s where God’s the King and He runs the country) of the Old Testament is held up as an ideal, for most of the Bible, and indeed in our times, a theocracy simply isn’t possible. Whilst God remains the true King of all creation, He has given authority to rulers and governments do justice and look after the affairs of nations. 
Jesus’ disciples and many others thought the best system of government was obvious, just make Jesus King! Jesus didn’t agree in the short term. His answer was very simple, ‘My Kingdom is not of the this world’. He will be King over the new creation. He is the King of all who have handed their lives over to Him. He will one day be the judge of all people. But He and His Father have entrusted man to govern man in this age.
In Australia, that means we need to make wise choices at the polls. As you decide who to vote for there will be things pulling you in different directions. There is no perfect candidate or party contesting the State or Federal elections in our seats or in any other. This wild claim is not simply based on all people being sinful and less than perfect. It doesn’t take too much research to find very worrying policies from every political party. We must try and vote for the best choice. Someone who will represent us well and is interested in serving for the sake of all people. It must also be someone whose policies we agree are in the interests of all people. 
Pray about your vote. It’s a great privilege, but also a complicated challenge.

Yours in Christ   Tim.



 Sunday        8am – Prayer Meeting at St Peter’s
 Monday      10.15am - Women’s Growth Group St Aidan’s Hall. Creche available
 Tuesday      10am -
Growth Group  St Aidans Ring 47009380 to check location
 Wednesday 10.30am -
Growth Group  St Aidan’s hall
 Thursday    10am -
Growth Group 27 Jubilee Ave Blackheath
                     3pm – Kid’s Club. St Peter’s hall (Primary) Years 3,4,5 & 6
                     7pm – Growth Group  St Aidan’s hall

Friday         2pm – Growth Group 64 Bonny Hills Drive Hartley
                    3pm – Kid’s Club St Aidan’s     hall (Primary) Years 3,4,5 &
.                   7pm – Imprint Youth (High  School age group) St Aidan’s hall


1st Sunday at 9.30am &
3rd Saturday at 9am          - Prayer Meeting St Aidan’s
2nd Thursday at 4.45pm    - St Peters Church Committee
3rd Thursday at 3pm          - St Aidan’s Church Committee
1st & 3rd Friday at 10 am  - Men’s Coffee Morning Petalura Eatery in Mt Victoria
3rd Friday at 10am             - Ladies Coffee Morning Petalura Eatery in Mt Victoria
1st Tuesday at 7pm            - Women’s Business in St Peter’s Hall  Mt Victoria
2nd Friday at 10.30am       - Care & Share in St Aidan’s small meeting room

NEXT SUNDAY 24th March, 2019
1st Reading:2 Samuel 1:1-16
2nd Reading: 1 Corinthians 1:1-17 

St Peter’s: Tim McIver
St Aidan’s: Denise Holmes


Our Church Family

# Pray that the joy of Christ would remain prominent in the hearts of those now in aged care facilities  Mary Broome in Morven Gardens, John Aitkens at Wahroonga, Jessie Macaulay in Pitt Town and Claire Jones in Bathurst. Pray for Warwick & Sue Atkinson, Dagmar & Hugh Rees and Bill & Trishy Smith, also Ron Green from Mt Wilson as they all deal with health issues.  # Pray for Care and Share’s ministry and for the outreach service they provide. # Pray for our Growth Groups, seven in all, meeting somewhere in the Parish each day of the week during school terms. Pray for the leaders as they study and help all who attend to see the gospel message clearly.  # Pray for the Men’s Coffee Morning and the Ladies Coffee Morning both held in Mt Victoria for the whole Parish and for the monthly Women’s Business Group held in St Peter’s hall and the Monthly Morning Tea at Hartley in the Lolly Shop, as we reach out to others in the community.

Our Sunday Ministry # Pray for Tim as he brings us God’s Word that by the Holy Spirit, the Word will challenge and change us. Pray for all who visit any services that they will feel welcome and seek to learn more.  # Pray for all who enrich our worship through song, Bible readings, prayers, provision of morning and afternoon teas, supper, and the welcoming of the newcomer. # Pray for Michelle Seers making Jesus known in her various roles. Pray for her health and wellbeing. Pray for the many situations she has in the Parish overseeing activities with women and young people.
Our Committees and Parish Council # Pray that our meetings will see us thanking the Lord for guidance, growth and provision. Praise God that Craig Boucher has come forward as a replacement for Peter Harvey as Treasurer of the Parish and also that Rosie Court has volunteered to take over the Web Page from Nancy Irving. Ask for the Lord’s blessing on both Peter and Nancy for the work they have both done to keep this essential work going. 
The World # Pray for the Lord’s mercy in the provision of peace in the midst of the pain and suffering of war, the peace that only faith in Jesus can bring. Our prayers must be in the troubled war zones all over the world and that our service personnel there would be protected.  Pray that our governments in Australia will choose to lead us in Christ honouring ways, especially as we face elections during this coming year. Pray for our brothers & sisters in Christ who are part of or hope to be part of our Government.


*Teens Bible Study Group meet during school term every Sunday during the service at St Aidan’s Blackheath.
*CD of any of the sermons - If you would like a copy of a sermon you may have missed or any you would like to hear again, give Geoff Brimley a ring on 0403 308 915.
*All donations for Michelle’s work should be sent to this bank account:
Bank Account Details  for Anglican Parish of Blackheath.
BSB – 112879  Account -  0487995715
reference “Michelle”
or in an envelope marked the same in Sunday’s collection.
*Direct Deposits c
an be made to the following Bank Accounts rather than using the weekly envelopes or weekly cash
 St Aidan’s – Commonwealth Bank Blackheath. BSB – 062507, A/c – 00800188.
St Peter’s – Westpac Lithgow. BSB – 032829. A/c – 121177.
St John’s – St George Lithgow BSB – 112879 A/c – 486927665
St George’s – St George Lithgow BSB – 112879  A/c – 046518471
*If you would you like to help make a difference to someone’s life:
Visit a lonely person who would enjoy your company;
Learn a little about them and share a little about your life;
A weekly or fortnightly visit can make a world of difference.
Contact Bodington Age Care Facility ... Nadja (4757 8106)
*BCA BOXES – March is opening time for BCA boxes, if you have one bring it in to either Judith Finney at St Aidan’s or Carol Crowther at  St Peter’s. BCA celebrates 100 years of outback ministry this year.

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