Weekly News Sheet

SUNDAY 19 May, 2019
 8.45 am   Mt Victoria   Morning Service  Tim McIver
110.30 am  Blackheath  Morning Service Tim McIver
1st Reading: 2 Samuel 4:1-12
2nd Reading: 1 Corinthians 6:1-20
St Peter’s: Arthur Irving;
St Aidan’s: Judith Finney;

Weekly News

A New Term of Federal Parliament
Good morning and welcome to Church. It’s great to have you here especially if you’re new or visiting. We’d love to meet you after church over a cup of tea.
We have voted, and I presume that by now we know the outcome of the Federal election. As I write this, I have not yet voted and have no idea of the outcome. I will however write a few words on how we Christians should respond to this result... Whichever party won, we now have a Prime Minster who has been elected by the people for the first time. Some will be relieved, perhaps even excited, others will be disappointed perhaps even worried. As Christians we must now take seriously the words of Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2 and honour the government which God has placed over us. Both passages go a step further and suggest that we should even submit ourselves to them. Throughout the scriptures the people of God have lived under the authority of secular or unbelieving rulers. Whether or not our Prime Minister or leaders share our Christian faith is rather beside the point on this issue, they lead a secular and diverse government. 
In these circumstances God has always wanted His people to be good citizens and do good to and for that nation. Modern Australia should be no different. In order to do good for our nation and our government there are a few simple things that we should endeavour to do. 
 Firstly, we must pray. We should pray for our leaders. Though it is good to pray for the personal salvation of every person, this is not the only thing we should be praying for our leaders. We should also pray about the way they lead. We should pray for wisdom. We should pray for patience and strength of character. We should pray for creativity, many of the problems of governing do not have simple solutions! We should pray that our leaders may be a blessing to us and to all people. 
Secondly, just as we have voted, we should continue to play our role in our democracy.  Though we should honour and submit to our leaders we are privileged to live in a country where you can honour and submit and at the very same time disagree and object. In my experience our current Federal and State representatives are very happy to hear about the issues that people care deeply about. They have also indicated that it makes a difference!
It’s always a relief when the election is done with for another few years, we should have to stay on the ball and continue to care and be concerned about all the issues our country faces. Pray for our leaders, be good citizens in this temporary home. u believe will form a wise and compassionate government. 

Yours in Christ, Tim 

NEXT SUNDAY 26 May, 2019

1st Reading: 2 Samuel 5:1-25
2nd Reading: 1 Corinthians 7:1-24

 St Peter’s: David Doyle;
St Aidan’s: Steve Hunt;


Missions #Pray for CMS. Sarah asks for your prayers after 7 years in the Middle East and all she has done and learnt there, the move back to Australia, while exciting is also hard. Pray for the contacts she has had in her time there and that God will supply others to take her place. # Pray for Neil & Inge May Pray for health, protection and energy as Ingre & Neil live and work in the challenging environment of Nepal. # Pray for Philip & Elke Knight, for Annabella and Lilly. Pray for newcomers to Port Hedland that they will find the church family there a welcoming oasis and a blessing in their lives.  Pray for the growth of home groups in the study of God’s word and that more people will have a desire to join in and see the blessing of such involvement.  # Pray for Mark Muss in the very demanding ministry he has at Lithgow Correctional Centre, Pray for Mark’s health and wellbeing and that he will feel the Holy Spirit’s uplifting power as he copes with all that this position requires of him. Pray for all chaplains in both prison and hospital situations, pray for good health, strength and commitment. Mission more locally
# Pray for Archbishop Glenn Davies leading us all in the way of the Lord. Pray too for Tim McIver, Jodie, Rafael, Elsie and Claudia in their ministry in our parish. Pray too for Bishop Ivan Lee, for strength in mind, body and spirit, pray also for his wife and daughters as they all face this difficult time together.  Our Children’s Ministry
# Pray for School Scripture lessons and for the changes that are being introduced into our schools. Pray for the children and also give thanks and pray for the teachers and helpers. In Blackheath – Susie, Pat, Michelle, Hugh, Sui Lin and Nicky. In Mt Victoria – Moira, Sue and Carol. Pray especially for Michelle as she starts doing SRE at Katoomba High School.
# Pray for the Playcentre as Jodie and Susie strive for a different direction with a program called Mainly Music, the first morning brought 12 children to the group. Pray that this new idea with attract young mums and dads and will build up great relationships.
# Pray for Kids Club in Mt Victoria, also for the Kids Club at Blackheath and the Imprint Youth group also in Blackheath as the leaders seek to bring Jesus as Saviour and Lord to children and young people. 
The World # Pray for the Lord’s mercy in the provision of peace in the midst of the pain and suffering of war, the peace that only faith in Jesus can bring. Pray that our governments in Australia will choose to lead us in Christ honouring ways.


Teens Bible Study Group meets during school term every Sunday during the service at St Aidan’s Blackheath.

Men’s Coffee Morning and Ladies Coffee Morning
are both on at Petalura Eatery on Friday 17th May starting at 10am. Anyone from across the Parish is invited to come and have a friendly time together with their morning coffee. All welcome.

St Aidan’s congregation will meet for prayer on Saturday 18th May in the small meeting room starting at 9am for approximately 1 hour. Come and pray or silently support others for this short time.

St Aidan’s Church Committee will meet on Thursday 23rd May at 3pm.
Pentecost 2019 will be held on Sunday 9th June, 2019
at Katoomba  Christian Convention Centre starting at 3pm. 14 Upper Mountains churches are involved, come and be part of this display of unity in Christ. Primary age kids program available.
St Peter’s is planning to have a Spring Fair again on 14th September this year. 
Donations of small furniture items (nothing large), plants, books, cakes, jam or any household items would be much appreciated. Contact Carol in the church office or any of the committee members if you would like to contribute on the day

First Aid Training organised by the Diocese is available on 27th July in Emu Plains (registration closes 22nd July) cost will be $80 per person. If you need to renew your First Aid Certificate and would like to attend contact Carol in the church office for details.
All donations for Michelle’s work should be sent to this bank account –  reference “Michelle” or in an envelope marked the same in Sunday’s collection. Bank Account Details  for Anglican Parish of Blackheath. BSB – 112879  Account -  0487995715

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