Sunday 6th January
8.45 am Mt Victoria Morning Service Ian Mears
 10.30 am Blackheath Morning Service Ian Mears

1st Reading: Isaiah 42:1-7
 2nd Reading: Luke 2:22-35

Prayer leaders
St Peter’s: Jane Falcke
St Aidan’s: Judith Finney

Rector’s Weekly News Article


Over January there will just be this one newsletter. You’re welcome to grab one each week, but it will be the same...

If your life is anything like mine, then things really sped up and got busy during December, and will hopefully, slow down a bit over January. School is on break, lots of our normal routines are put on hold. If you’re extremely lucky you might even find yourself in the ocean at some point.

Whilst I’ve never been a great fan of New Year’s resolutions this change in the normal rhythm of life does give us a unique opportunity to reflect on the year that has past and consider our hopes for the coming one. Often the main goal in life can seem to be simply to get through another week. This can happen when you’re young and at school, when you’re busy with work and family or when you’re retired and somehow your weeks are still full and your body might not be quite keeping up as it once did.

For all of us it is good to consider the ways in which we are seeking to grow our own faith and how we are seeking to help our brothers and sisters grow. There are a few pretty simple ways that we can make our own personal spiritual growth a priority. The first is to be regular in our personal Bible reading and prayer. I know many of you have systems and long held habits of reading and praying daily. For others this might be a new concept or one that has always been a struggle. Use January to get into a new habit. Not so much a resolution but a decision to make it a priority.

The other thing that is key to your spiritual growth and your involvement in the spiritual growth of others is the extent to which you plan to meet with other Christians. Again this is something that comes naturally to some but is quite new to others. If we’re going to love one another, it’s very beneficial if we end up in the same place at the same time. Though things do invariably come up, it is good for us to meet together every Sunday. It’s also of great benefit to be in a small group where you are able to get to know people even better and pray for one another in a much more personal way than is possible in our Sunday meetings. I would love to help find a group that’s suitable for anyone who wants to join.

I do hope January is refreshing and a good introduction to a New Year for you all. I pray that this year will be a year of growth and joy in the Lord.

Yours in Christ, Tim.

Refugees and Christmas

In his 2015 presidential address our Arch-Bishop encouraged and committed the Diocese to practically take our part in loving refugees. This was particularly in response to the Syrian refugee crisis. Since that point many Anglicans have been looking for practical opportunities to make a positive contribution. For those who have been particularly involved it has become increasingly apparent that it can be very difficult to just get in there and help.

Several Anglican churches in the mountains have been keen to support particular refugee families as they come to terms with living in Australia. Until recently this has proved to be very difficult to achieve.

A week or so ago Springwood Anglican Church was notified that an Iraqi family had been approved and would be flying into the country in the coming days. By now people from Springwood Anglican will have met them at the airport and brought them to the mountains to celebrate Christmas and then live in housing which the church has arranged. These refugees have fled Iraq because they were not safe. We pray that their arrival in Sydney will make the beginning of a new start for them marked by peace and safety.

It is quite likely that they will have landed in Sydney on Christmas Eve. In many ways, Christmas Eve is about the worst time to fly anywhere, let alone the worst time to start a new life in a western country that is completely out of your normal world. Christmas is however also a perfect time to arrive somewhere new, to be given a new life, and to start living a life that had not been possible before.

We should pray for this family. I will give you more details about them if they are happy about that. We should also remember the opportunity we have been given because the Lord Jesus turned up on that first Christmas morning. He lived a life in a foreign land, so that we could start a new life in peace and safety. God is very interested in refugees. He is the one who will ultimately provide refuge.

Yours in Christ, Tim.



St Peter’s is still collecting used stamps for BCA, save any Christmas card stamps for them.

St John’s Hartley has suffered severe storm damage recently and consequently there will be no service held there in January.

Sunday 20th January – Tim McIver
Readings – TBA
Prayers – St Peter’s – Arthur Irving; St Aidan’s – Brian Connon;

Sunday 27th January – Tim McIver
Readings – TBA
Prayers – St Peter’s – Tim McIver; St Aidan’s – Susie Easton 

AGM dates for year ending December 2018
St Peter’s Mt Victoria – Sunday 3rd February at 2pm
St John’s Hartley – Sunday 3rd February at 4pm
St George’s Mt Wilson – Sunday 10th February at 4pm
St Aidan’s Blackheath – Tuesday 12th February at 7pm
Parish of Blackheath – Tuesday 12th February at 8pm

Care & Share Support – if you or someone you know needs this service at any time please contact Judy Dyer, Judith Finney or Carol in the church office.


* Prayer meeting at St Peter’s each Sunday at 8am
* Teens Bible Study Group meet during school term every Sunday during the service at St Aidan’s Blackheath.
* 1st Sunday of month 9.30am  Prayer Meeting at St Aidan’s
* 3rd Saturday of month 8.30am Prayer Meeting at St Aidan’s
* Tuesday  Playcentre St Aidan’s –  10am
* Thursday
Kids’ Club St Peter’s Hall 3.15-4.30pm
* Friday
Imprint Youth   (High School age group)   St Aidan’s Hall 7pm-9pm
* St Peter’s Church Committee meets second Thursday of each month 4.30pm in the hall.
* St Aidan’s Church Committee meets fourth Thursday each month 3pm
* 1st Tuesday
of each month – Women’s Business 7.30pm St Peter’s Hall Mt Victoria
* Men’s Coffee Morning 1st and 3rd Friday at 10am Check News sheet for venue
* Care and Share 2nd Friday of each month at 10.30am
* Growth groups meet weekly in Blackheath, Mt Victoria and Hartley.  Further details under Ministry/Growth Groups

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     Sunday 13th January
    Bible Readings
    1st Reading:
     2nd Reading:
    Prayer Leaders
    St Peter’s: Geoff Brimley
    St Aidan’s: Steve Hunt


Colossians 4:3 “Pray for us, that God will open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ”

# Our Church Family Pray that the joy of Christ would remain prominent in the hearts of those now in aged care facilities – Irene Komcincko at Martyn Claver, Mary Broome in Morven Gardens, John Aitkens at Wahroonga, Jessie Macaulay in Pitt Town and Claire Jones in Bathurst. Pray for Warwick & Sue Atkinson, also Dagmar & Hugh Rees, Bill & Trishy Smith and Sue Groves as they all deal with health issues.
# Pray for Care and Share’s ministry and for the outreach service they provide.
# Pray for our Growth Groups, seven in all, meeting somewhere in the Parish each day of the week during school terms. Pray for the leaders as they study and help all who attend to see the gospel message clearly.
# Pray for the Men’s Coffee Morning and the Ladies Coffee Morning both held in Mt Victoria for the whole Parish and for the monthly Women’s Business Group held in St Peter’s hall and the Monthly Morning Tea at Hartley in the Lolly Shop, as we reach out to others in the community.

Our Sunday Ministry # Pray for Tim as he brings us God’s Word that by the Holy Spirit, the Word will challenge and change us. Pray for all who visit any services that they will feel welcome and seek to learn more.
# Pray for all who enrich our worship through song, Bible readings, prayers, provision of morning and afternoon teas, supper, and the welcoming of the newcomer.
# Pray for Michelle Seers making Jesus known in her various roles. Pray for her health and wellbeing. Pray for the many situations she has in the Parish overseeing activities with women and young people.

Our Committees and Parish Council # Pray that our meetings will see us thanking the Lord for guidance, growth and provision.  Praise God that a replacement for Peter Harvey as Treasurer of the Parish has been found and also someone has volunteered to take over the Web Page from Nancy Irving. Ask for the Lord’s blessing on both Peter and Nancy for the work they have both done to keep this essential work going. Pray for the AGM’s coming up in the New Year that people will be willing and able to serve on the new committees.

The World
# Pray for the Lord’s mercy in the provision of peace in the midst of the pain and suffering of war, the peace that only faith in Jesus can bring. Pray that our governments in Australia will choose to lead us in Christ honouring ways.

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