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The Resurrection
Good morning and welcome to Church. It’s great to have you here especially if you’re new or visiting. Jodie, the kids and I have hopefully just arrived back after a family wedding in Alice Springs. We’d love to meet you over a cup of tea after the service. Rather than my normal weekly article, this week is a reprint of one from Easter. I’ll be interested to hear how many of you notice! 
 On Easter Sunday we remember that most amazing morning, when the women found first the empty tomb, before eventually finding the resurrected Jesus. We spend a lot of time remembering those first shocking moments where mortal people had to come to terms with the fact that Jesus was alive. I think we spend less time thinking about the following few weeks. 
 Between the resurrection and the ascension (when Jesus left the earth and went to heaven) there was an amazing period of time where Jesus remained on the earth, alive and breathing in His human fleshly body. This body was the very same one that He had taken on at the incarnation (when the eternal Son left heaven and took the form of a man, albeit a baby man!) and yet, it was not the same in every way. 
 The accounts of Jesus’ appearances with various people often involve them not immediately recognising Him or resisting the temptation to ask if He is Jesus. Eventually though, they all have no doubt about who He is. This is largely based on what He says and what He does.
 Jesus also seems to be able to interact with the world in different ways. He enters the locked room without needing to unlock the door. His body is definitely physical and touchable. He still eats. But it does seem to be different. We have been promised that at the final resurrection our bodies will not be resurrected to be exactly the same either. What was once perishable will be made imperishable. If Jesus is anything to go by, and I think He is, then our upgraded bodies will still be physical and touchable, I presume we will still eat and do human things that one might think are a little bit earthly. Although Jesus’ resurrected body is different, it still worked very well right here on earth and was quite suitable for Him to travel directly to heaven in. 
 For 40 days after the resurrection He lived here on earth. We know that He appeared to many people at various times. We know that He taught His disciples in this period. We don’t know what else He did. There is much that remains a mystery, but the best bits have been revealed! Life after death has a lot in common with the life that we know. Be excited not just about the fact of the resurrection, but also about the wonderful reality of living again. 
Yours in Christ, Tim